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Golden Wonder Tree

Senna spectabilis is a shrub or deciduous tree that can grow anywhere from 15–20 feet in height and 15–20 feet in width. Senna spectabilis have a rounded vase-shaped crown, which is dense and symmetrical. Senna spectabilis is pollinated by bees and has a very fast growth rate.

A rounded, evergreen foliage, arranged alternatively. The leaf type is odd-pinnately compound with pinnate leaf venation and 4–15 pairs of leaflets each growing to as large as 7.5 cm. The leaves are green and yellow in color and remains as so year around. The leaf blades grow between 2–4 inches long and experience a circadian rhythm or nyctinasty, closing at night and opening at dawn.

Bright yellow inflorescence 10–50 cm long containing a corolla 3.5–4 cm in diameter with five unequal petals. The flowers are very showy producing elongated pod shaped fruits about 6–12 inches in length. The fruit is a dry dehiscent, black/brownish in color containing numerous flat brown seeds, 0.5 cm in diameter.

Multiple trunks with diameters of up to about 30 cm. The branches are droopy with smooth grey bark having horizontal markings. As the plant matures it develops many warts and broad vertical bands of lenticels . In the first year of development the stem is finely hairy.
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23,8 mm
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